BMW X7 Pickup

BMW X7 Pickup

Big Daddy Sports a New Look.

 BMW X7 Pickup

The all-new X-7 is a much-needed vehicle to the BMW lineup. Dealers and consumers have been asking BMW for a larger SUV for years.

 BMW X7 Pickup

Here at Desire Trendy, we love the new look and how BMW has developed the new X-7 platform. In-person the vehicle is stunning and has many features that make this flagship vehicle modern and it shows once you step inside this three-row SUV.  So when we saw the company developed a concept that was built by BME trainees we could not wait to see the concept of the vehicle's technology and how this extraordinary project was completed.

 BMW X7 Pickup Desire Trendy

BMW is calling this a five-seat luxury pickup that has many of the high-end features a BMW owner demands in a luxury truck. The taillights, rear bumper, and tailgate are all custom and were created using high-end materials including Carbon-fiber, 340 horses under the hood more tech than your local Best Buy and a generous loading area.

  • BMW says there are no plans to put an X7 pickup into production.

This lone X7 pickup concept stands out from the crowd along with the BMW F850GS motorcycle that fits in the pickups truck bed that is lined with teak wood perfectly.

BMW X7 Pickup Desire Trendy Daily Dose Blog

Sadly, the X7 pickup will never see production according to BMW. While it would be fun to see one of these on the road, we don’t think BMW plans to enter the truck market anytime soon.

Check out the photos below courtesy of BMW and check out 

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BMW X7 Pickup Desire Trendy

BMW X7 Pickup

BMW X7 Pickup

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