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Lady Gaga’s Cosmetic Line is Here and Crushing it for Under $30!

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 Gaga Haus lab

Lady Gaga is a global pop star that has recently released a new line up of beauty products in September 2019. Gaga has partnered with Amazon and has launched the Haus brand in nine countries including U.S. France and Japan. This is the first major beauty brand sold exclusively on Amazon, which recently just launched its own in-house skincare line, Belei in March. Lady Gaga wrote to her fans on her website “This is not just another beauty brand.” She goes on to say   “We want you to love yourself and it is our mission to spread kindness, bravery, and creativity by providing tools for self-expression and reinvention.“

Gaga worked with her team hand in hand to conceptualize and develop every product in the line and with great anticipation, Haus Laboratories is now available on Amazon!

We found it exciting at Desire Trendy that the Haus brand prices are accessible and many of the products are priced under $30. We put together a list of some of the products that stood out to us in the brands line up and we also included links to some of the brand's how-to apply videos

Black Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner $20Gaga Haus Labs

Confidently master the eyeliner game with the easy-to-apply flexible felt-tip. This liquid eyeliner has a superfine point that makes adding delicate definition a cinch while adjusting pressure creates the signature Lady Gaga dramatic cat-eye wing. Its quick-dry formula glides on to any eye shape without tugging or smudging, depositing a black-as-night hue that lasts through performance and encore. 

24-hour long wear, Waterproof, No Feathering, Skipping, Tugging, Flaking
Weightless, Flake-Proof, Cruelty-Free, Vegan.

  • What It Is
  • Key Points
    • The waterproof, long-wearing formula holds up from day through the night.
    • Flexible felt-tip allows for both delicate definition and bold looks.
    • The silky formula never tugs or skips during application.
  • Application
    • Always store LIQUID EYE-LIE-NER
      tip-side down for optimal ink flow.
    • Use light pressure and angle the tool on its side to stamp the liner onto the upper lash line for definition.
    • Use more pressure to create a thicker, bolder, more dramatic liner look.
  • Suggested Use: Store LIQUID EYE-LIE-NER upside-down for optimal ink flow. Lightly stamp the liner into your upper lash line. Create the base of your wing by drawing a line from your outer corner toward your hairline. Connect the tip of the wing to your upper lash line and fill in to complete the look.

 LE RIOT LIP GLOSS $18gaga haus lab

LE RIOT LIP GLOSS has a multidimensional, non-sticky formula that gives lips mirror-like shine with a range of finishes including shine, shimmer, pearl, and pure pigment. Unapologetically speak your truth with a multidimensional gel lip gloss. LE RIOT LIP GLOSS offers a spectrum of finishes including shine, shimmer, pearl, and pure pigment so you can design a look that’s all your own.

LE RIOT LIP GLOSS comes in: Venus - Peachy Pink, Corset - Peach Neutral, Attitude - Terracotta and Golden Pearl, Blaze - Rose, Scream - Burgundy Wine, Entranced - Sheer with Light Pink Pearl.


  • What It Is
    • Ultra high-shine, multi-dimensional lip gloss.
  • Key Points
    • Mirror-like finishes with shine, shimmer, pearl, and pure pigment.
    • Gel formula evenly coats lips.
    • Wear alone or layer.
  • Application
    • Apply the doe-foot applicator directly to bare lips.
    • Add to existing lip colors to transform the finish.

Suggested Use: Apply directly to bare lips to use as a gloss or layer on top of existing lip colors to transform the finish. This comfortable gel gloss easily glides onto lips without a sticky feeling, leaving them looking smooth and full.


RIP LIP LINER $16Gaga lip liner desire trendy

This creamy, demi-matte, highly pigmented lip liner offers a weightless formula and skip-free, opaque application. RIP LIP LINER offers the precision of a liner with the versatility, texture, and comfort of a lipstick. Color inside or outside the lines with a budge-proof, universally flattering lip liner that puts the freedom to express yourself at your fingertips without sacrificing a comfortable formula. Lock in your lip art with a precise barrier or opt for overall color with buttery, demi-matte hues.

RIP LIP LINER comes in: Myth - Mid-Tone Neutral Mauve, En Pointe - Peach Neutral, Drag - Mid-Tone Plum, Rule - Spiced Terracotta, Slayer - Deep Burgundy Wine, Ride - Mid-Tone Rose


trendy desire haus laboratories trendy attire amazon

  • What It Is
    • RIP LIP LINER is a creamy, demi-matte, highly pigmented pencil.
  • Key Points
    • The precision of a liner with the versatility, texture, and comfort of a lipstick.
    • One-stroke, opaque application.
    • Sharpenable, skip-free pencil.
  • Application
    • Outline or overline your lips.
    • Outline your natural lip shape and fill in for all-over color.

How To Use: as a liner, outline your lips or overline for an exaggerated look. Fill in the area to use as a lipstick for all-over color.


ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1, Face Masque Armor Sticker $25

Lady Gaga Makeup armor

Reinvent yourself in seconds with ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1, these reusable stickers in a black shimmer finish instantly transform any look to expert level. Designed to flatter every face and eye shape, these long-wearing, multi-piece stickers can be mixed and matched for endless creations. The reusable ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1 face mask stickers bring next-level, professional artistry to any look in a matter of seconds. These versatile stickers with a black shimmer finish are your answer when you want an instant transformation. These intricately designed face stickers let you achieve an instant, impactful look in a few seconds.

  • What It Is
    • ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1, a HAUS GUEST collaboration with Face Lace, includes versatile face stickers for instant transformations.
  • Key Points
    • Create a dramatic look in seconds.
    • Black shimmer finish complements any style.
    • Reusable so you can experiment with different looks.


Gaga Desire Trendy make up luxury trendy attire

  • Start with clean, bare skin.
  • Align the top sticker underneath your brow bone and the bottom sticker under the lower lash line.
  • Mix and match where you place the stickers for endless looks.
  • Gently peel off to remove and place on the original sheet for re-use.

Suggested Use: Start with clean, bare skin. Gently place the top of the sticker inside your brow bone, patting onto the skin to secure. Align the bottom stickers under the lower lash line and secure to complete the look. Adjust the placement of stickers to mix it up. Gently pull away from the skin to remove.


See More at Haus Laboratories 

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